Your Issues are In Your Tissues

10/07/2014 16:40
For over 25 years Scott Truel has been helping clients rejuvenate and feel better through holistic facials and energy healing.
Did you know that the skin especially the face actually records the trials and triumphs of our lives and carries its own memory of our feelings in its cells?
These feelings take the form of emotional crystallization or cellular memories and when that conspires with gravity and environmental factors we can actually look older than we feel.
Scott uses the Burnham Systems Facial RejuvenationĀ® Process to release these crystallizations thus allowing the body to naturally heal itself and look its best.
Scott holistic facials (San Diego Facials) coupled with energy healing sessions will help you feel energized, enhance your vitality and look your best.
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Spiritus Healing Arts
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The skin, and especially the face, records the trials and triumphs of our lives otherwise known as 'cellular memory' that conspire with gravity and environmental factors to make us look older than we feel.
There are many ways to move subtle energy through the body. The theory of chakras from Ayurveda and meridians from traditional Chinese Medicine are two familiar examples.
I discovered back in 1984 that energy channeled through me naturally when I massaged people. That energy seemed to dissolve blockages in the physical body and later, I found, in the astral body as well. I have received attunements in Reiki, Magnified Healing, and LuMarian Healing to enhance this natural tendency.
My primary focus in therapeutic massage is alleviating upper back and neck pain. I accomplish this by using a combination of Swedish Massage techniques to increase circulation and Neuromuscular techniques to release contracted muscle patterns. I use energy work at the same time since many emotional issues end up getting stuck in these areas.