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12/11/2012 11:15
Watching TV is a popular past time for most of us, poor TV reception can ruin the experience for you and fail to get the best out of the television equipment that you have spent your hard earned cash on.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to undertake any television Atlas Aerials or other television installation.

Better Reception

Professional Aerial Installers will be able to ensure that you get the strongest signal possible from your location. They can advise you on the use age of amplifiers and signal boosters, and have specialist equipment to ensure a strong signal strength and to fault find quickly and easily.

Safer Installation

Television Aerial installation involves handling electrical items and also working from heights. Installing an aerial on a rooftop from a ladder can involve heavy masts, brackets and aerials as well as handling power tools. Specialist aerial installers are experienced in working from a ladder at heights and handling tools and the relevant items needed for an installation. It simply isn't worth the risk of injury installing an aerial by yourself.

Better Presentation

Modern homes and houses typically have a very neat appearance. Poor installations can leave wires and cables hanging loose and aerials and masts erected at dubious angles. Professional aerial installers will always try and make an installation as subtle as possible so that as much as possible is hidden away out of sight.

Longer Lasting

Aerial installations installed by an amateur will typically not last as long as that installed by a professional. Brackets, cables and masts may not be as well secured which will eventually require more frequent work on the installation.

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