Vodafail Vs Vodafone - Class Complaint Shows Strength In Numbers

11/05/2013 11:20
Informed consumers believe that airing out your comments about a purchase, whether positive or negative, is a very productive practice, as it informs companies about how their brand fared in the market and keeps them on their toes on delivering what their product promises. The more people do this, the more powerful their opinions can be. The power of the collective can be used if you want to ensure your purchasing dollars and the time you spent on every product are well spent. All it takes is a few brave ones to make the initiative, and the proper venue to launch the campaign. And in today’s marketplace, the perfect venue for purchase - as well as protest - is the Internet.

A common example would be the Vodafone class action, said to be one of the most expensive class action suits in Australia’s recent history and perhaps also the one with the most media coverage, thanks in big part to the fast and speedy exchange of information on the World Wide Web. Those who were not able to be part of the court case aired their complaints on specific places in the Internet such as Vodafail. This website did not only serve as a grievance venue; it also became a valuable hub for getting tips, information and the latest updates on customer issues against Vodafone products.

Ready to get your voice heard? Here are some ways how collective action helps your cause:

Raise awareness about the issue: One customer complaining can easily be labelled as an isolated case, but a group of people saying the same thing validates the fact that there is indeed something wrong about the product. The more people talk about their negative experiences, the more it becomes more than just a personal peeve - it becomes a major issue and will be given the attention it deserves.

Find solutions: One of the top complaints against Vodafone is their inability to respond fast and take appropriate action to meet their customer’s needs. But once the case gets elevated to a national issue, higher management may feel more pressured to take action and provide solutions the best that they can.

Prevent repeat offenses. When a business is put in the limelight due to a negative event, you can hope that they’ll be more careful next time and make enhancements to their products and services to ensure they don’t make it to the papers and online forums in an unflattering light that may irreversibly hurt their brand.

Of course, not all class suits eventually win the complainants the proper compensation and validation. But taking action and making your voice heard is your right as well as responsibility as a consumer.

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