Vape Prohibition by FDA E-Cig Regulations

04/06/2016 06:20
If you're a frequent user of e-cigarettes and vaporizers, new regulations from the Food and Drug Administration will likely affect you and your favorite vape store.

This month, the FDA finalized its rule that regulates the manufacturing and sale of all “electronic nicotine delivery systems” and the liquids used in them. Basically, it regulates the products like all other traditional tobacco products.

But the rules are causing an uproar from users of such products and the businesses that sell them - a majority of which are small and locally owned. E-cigarettes were introduced about a decade ago, and many have promoted them as healthier options to tobacco because it's a way to get nicotine without the harmful tar and chemicals.

They are also seen as a way to help people stop smoking all together. But it's an industry that has gone unregulated, and although health officials agree the products are less harmful than tobacco, little is known about long-term use.

One thing is clear, though: These regulations will have a large effect on the industry. The American Vaping Association, a trade group for the industry, went as far as comparing the rules to prohibition.

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