Used for SEO on January 5th 2013

07/01/2013 13:52

A hot new social media website has just launched this year. A photo posting platform where users go to brag about their achievements, collections, or items they value. It’s called Are You Jelly? consists of a series of brag books that you can categorize based on the photos or videos within them. So you could have, for example, a baseball card or Hot Wheels collection that you can brag about by posting photos of the items to a brag book you name ‘collections.’ You can also search to see if there are other collections, similar to yours, on the site.

If you’re not a collector, you can also brag about achievement such as your new college degree or a marathon you just ran. You can brag about anything that you’re excited about; maybe it’s the new Movado your boyfriend got you for your birthday or a new football jersey you just purchased.

You can comment on other users’ brags or let them know that ‘you’re jelly.’ You can also add brags that others post to a ‘Faves List,’ or wish list, which your friends and family can view so that you always get the gift you want. What’s really cool is that you can also start a new trend and have people shadow you. The shadow feature is great because this is how you connect to your friends so that you get automatic emails when they brag about something new.

Business owners can also use to their advantage, by bragging about their products or services. It’s a nice way to get feedback on whether users are jelly of the products or if they add them to their Faves List.

This platform provides a simple and intuitive user experience. Users can sign in with their existing social accounts to make joining more convenient. There is more information on the site located in the Brag Blog.

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