Top Travel Destinations by

21/08/2014 15:27
Travel opportunities' ever-changing landscape opens its gate to some destinations while closing it to some others. These travel destinations are sometimes temporarily. So after considering certain factors and comparing them with travel news today along with some travel videos, we've come up with a list of top travel destinations.
Big Island, Hawaii, United States : Since 1994, about 500 acres have been added to Big Island's land mass due to the ongoing volcanic eruptions. This keeps bringing visitors from all works of life, who are treated to the sight of stream of lava going into the sea and shooting up vast cloud of steam. Apart from visiting the Big Island to behold nature at her most belligerent, Hawaii's biggest isle is worth a visit – a magnificently diverse place of ranches, coffee plantations, sleepy cities, lava tubes and so much more.
Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic : Ciudad Colonial packs in cathedral, fort, along with some other primordial buildings to create one of the Caribbean's richest historic spot. With the completion of the 2013 four-lane Coral highway, it takes only half the time (two hours) to get to the ancient sights from the resorts of Punta Cana, which makes it possible to have a day-trip. Also, the Dominican government is in the process of pedestrianizing the old city to bring in more shops and cafes and improving the quality of its tourist facilities.
Umea, Sweden : The Capital of Culture for 2014 in Europe is the largest city in northern Sweden – Umea, a diverse, lively place where over 50 languages are spoken and half of the population comes from outside the country. Despite what their background is, the citizens of Umea are getting ready to welcome the finest artists in Europe in a celebration ranging from theater music festivals to works made from fire and ice. Umea is one of the top travel destinations now.
Palm Springs, California, United States : Palm Springs is rapidly substituting its drab golf-and-a-nap status for a hip new reputation with a slew of trendy hotels in the past couple of years, and more to come. There is also the calmness of the desert just outside the city walls.
Rio de Janeiro : Rio shone as one of the top travel destinations in 2014 according to travel news owing to the World Cup and the fact that it is the location where the final match was played. Brazil's infrastructure was entirely upgraded to meet up global scrutiny and standards – from airports to tourist services to hotels.
Cape Town, South Africa : With Nelson Mandela's passing, Cape Town has emerged as one of the top travel destinations. Thanks to travel videos and a proliferation of independent galleries, edgy boutiques and cutting-edge restaurants such as Test Kitchen, where cured meat (biltong) is topped with plum-cured foiegras, the city has been generating interest according to travel news and is among the top 10 destinations buzzing on StumbleUpon.