Rainbow Fashion Week 2015

18/04/2015 20:46
At Rainbow Fashion Week, we are each other’s business! So for June 2015 we are introducing a network of professionals who are committed to your well being. As such, we’ve committed to ten (10) Social Media Causes such as Queer Homelessness, Violence Against Queers. Sex Education. Economic Justice. Domestic Violence. Trans Justice. So as we gain ground on the political front, we’ve got the Mayor’s support proclaiming this an “Official Pre-Pride event. Thus, we will remain vigilante about the ongoing challenges we face on the health and wellness front to create a synergy of strategic partners such as SAGE, GMAD, Audrey Lourde and other facilities that can assist us, to help you.We didn’t stop here and we created an event to embrace our elder population growing old, isolated and alone. What better way to support them then the creation of, “Fashioning for the Cure.” Fashioning for the Cure” is the very first mobile fashion event where we take our team of stylist, hair, make-up “fashion them up” and treat deserving elders to a night on the town courtesy of our sponsors. We pick them up in specialized upscale vehicles that can accommodate their every need and bring them to RFW Events.
For more Information about Rainbow Fashion Show Visit Rainbowfashionweek.com