Pork Tamales by the Dozen Right in Dallas Fort Worth

24/04/2015 10:56
Want to purchase pork tamales by the bulk? If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you're in good luck! The Texas Tamale Warehouse has four sorts to choose from!
The first recipe is gourmet pork, each one filled with onions, jalapenos, chili anchos, and spices. Expect just the right amount of spicy-ness!
Next up is gourmet sausage potato. This makes the perfect breakfast tamale.
Gourmet habanero pork is third up! If you want a spicy kick, these Texas tamales will be perfect!
Last but certainly not least are the Big Tex Tamales! These are 5 ounces each and they're made to be big in size as well as in taste!
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