Owner reviews and feedback of the Powermatic 54A deluxe 6inch Jointer

24/10/2013 15:07
Powermatic 54A Jointer Review

The Powermatic 54A features a three-knife cutter-head fitted with adjustment cams that make setting knife heights both easy and accurate. This is a "Quick Set" knife system and heavy-duty construction for years of powerful performance. It's easy to achieve the high levels of accuracy you need when creating flat, straight surfaces for elegant projects. With a width of 7-1/4 inches and length of 66 inches, the Powermatic 54A has the longest tables available in its class, so it provides plenty of support for large work pieces. The tables are precision ground to ensure flatness, and each is mounted on dovetailed ways that keep them aligned through height changes. For added convenience, you can adjust the out-feed table height via a hand wheel mounted below the table. Additionally, an easy-to-read scale on the front side of the in-feed table allows quick and precise setting of specific cut changes, and a finger-operated gib screw locks the table in position once it is set.

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