Mercedes C Class Sedan with Classic Features

08/02/2013 13:16

It is a top rated sophisticated luxury sedan which has a sporty look, it has an extraordinary innovation and has a cutting edge performance. It is an elegant with an athletic look. All the controls and refinement inside the car are innovative and luxury. This model is made up of three advanced generation engines this gives high torque and rapid pick up with a less efficiency of a fuel, and the driving security has an exclusive security. It has a 3.5l v 6 engines in for a c300 model and 1.8l turbo 4 in the c250. So it has an immediate acceleration and payout impressive property. This sedan has a seven speed automatic transmission. C 300 sedan has and for wheel electronic traction system this transmits torque of an engine to wheels with high grip without interruption. Sport tuned and suspension hugs helps to move car in rough and uneven roads with a standard stability.

Features of c class sedan:

- This sedan has and automatic break drying system at a periodic intervals and sweep away the water and stops instantly when breaks applied.
- This sedan is designed with day light running lamps which glows in a day times and gives a handsome look to this model.
- This makes sedan to look attractive and it has and high aerodynamic and road resistance hug.
- It has a bold grille and head light has low and high beam, it can be adjustable depending up on the convenient.
- Interior look has a wood trimmed emphasis and has a luxury look.

Interior look:

- Interiorly it is designed with a wood trimmed and emphasis which gives car to a more luxury and classic look. It is covered with high quality expensive leather which is covering seats and all over the top of the car. So that the entire interior looks is luxury and classic.
- Two seats in front and two seats on back so only four persons can sit in this seats, this can be adjustable depending up on our comfort.
- A display is present on the front of the car which displays back side vehicles and any obstacles which are present on back side. So that it prevents accidental touch of vehicles and damages.
- Back side of the front seat is given with a small plank so that a laptop can keep on it and makes to do work more comfortably.

Exterior look:

- Bumper is slant and long with a brand symbol on a grille, the grille look bold and sporty.
- Headlights are designed just below the grille and it works with a xenon lights. These are day time running lamps with a handsome look.
- Car mirrors are given with an automatic wipers, this wipers have a sensors it detects rain and gets activate to wash rainy water and dust.
- The shape of the boy is designed in such a way that it can resist high wind and it do not have any effect in kinetic energy of a car and prevents excessive fuel consumption.
- It has an automated on and stop feature at signals and reduces fuel consumption, it stops when it is given red signal and starts immediately when green signal given.

Reduces fuel consumption:

Pressing accelerator when the car was not in a motion these kinetic energy is converted in to electricity and stored in the battery, Such that it reduces the fuel consumption and increases battery power.

Safety profile:

- Sensors detects accidents and releases air bags
- Front display shows back side obstacles and vehicles.
- Traffic and weather updates.

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