Learn Spanish while fully immersed in the Nicaraguan culture!

19/12/2012 15:44

Learning a foreign language should not pose a difficulty, should be fun, it is demonstrated that learning a foreign language is easier and faster if you learn with activities related to learning. Also the increased complexity in learning the Spanish language in the various conjugations of the verb, as unlike other languages, many times besides verbs (past, present and future) may also be males and females. Listen, read, watch and interact are more effective ways to retain a language that only listen passively.

Therefore the tourist must previously select the college or school in which you will learn Spanish, internet fairly simple task with the hand, now offer Spanish schools in Nicaragua is very varied, most of these schools integrate their activities deals entertainment that allow the student to practice what they learned in class and also improve your vocabulary.

Recent studies have proven that memorizing grammar rules is not as important as previously thought. Only few people are able to read topics as the imperfect subjunctive or, then recognize them and use them intuitively. Do not dismiss the importance of learning grammar, but research has shown that students have drastically changed their traditional method of learning to Full Immersion students surpassing the traditional method in understanding and applying complex grammatical forms therefore integrate reinforcement activities, which may include visits to tourist centers, visits to cultural centers, among other activities.

The purpose of your trip to Nicaragua is fun, which is not possible if you do not learn Spanish.

Nicaragua-spanish-lessons.com incorporates in all its programs to learn Spanish, tourist excursions to the student to interact with local people, and cultural entertainment activities, all for the sake of a pleasant experience.

Among the activities and excursions on offer are:

- Islets boat tour in Cocibolca Lake
- Horse carriage tour in historic downtown Granada   
- Visit to Granada local market
- Visit to local cigar factory
- Visit to tortillas factory   
- Excursion to Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve
- Catholic churches tour
- Diriomo, part of "Los Pueblos Brujos" 
- Visit to Bakery in Granada
- Excursion to Masaya city and handy-craft market
- Excursion to Masaya Active Volcano National Park (Additional Cost)
- Visit to Workshop School La Estación (Tentative)
- Visit to a Carpenter Rustic Workshop
- Excursion to Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve (Tentative)
- Nindirí town
- El Diriá, part of "Los Pueblos Brujos"
- Nicaraguan Cooking Lessons
- Latin Dance Lessons
- Canopy Tour (Additional cost)
- Excursion to the Pacific Ocean
- Day tour to historic sites in Managua
- San Juan de Oriente
- Catarina town and El Mirador de Catarina
- El Coyotepe Old Fort in Masaya
- Nandasmo town and Mirador
- Niquinohomo town
- Mirador de Diriomito in Laguna de Apoyo

Remember that learning Spanish is fun Nicaragua, all the activities that they offer Spanish schools in Nicaragua are designed to ensure that you learn Spanish, you know Nicaragua and interact with the local community.

Learn Spanish in the personalized program One-one-one Spanish courses Nicaragua. This language course is offered not only in Granada city but in Managua and vicinities. Students do not have to travel just to wait in their own site to receive the Spanish lessons. The Spanish teachers are sent directly to the participant´s house, hotel, office, or apartment to avoid those long distances rides in an unknown environment for a visitor. Nicaragua Spanish Lessons offers reliable one-on-one classes and trustful experienced instructors who will help you gain a quickly advance in your Spanish language.