Khayyat Contracting and Trading putting emphasis on the local supply and subcontracting agreements

13/08/2013 12:37

Khayyat contracting and trading (KCT) is picking up a growing variety of projects in Qatar and tho' there's pressure on the {supply|the availability|the provision} chain KCT says it'll refuse to accept in encouraging local supply, which is able to ultimately save on time and cash within the market.

Moutaz Khayyat, CEO of KCT, notes: "We ar emphasising local supply, as a result of the most effective method for you to avoid wasting is to source your materials from the country you're in, and in Qatar this may prompt the creation of a market which may accommodate everything that's occurring within the country."

"We got to move at a similar pace because the vision for Qatar, and because the market has not nevertheless shown the strength and cohesion to supply all the commodities and trades for construction, we want to support it to confirm that local business doesn’t get left behind."

KCT is additionally putting in place each warehouses to alter the acquisition and storage of local materials in bulk, and is additionally considering fixed period supply agreements with specific local firms.

Ahmad Jaafar, procurance director at KCT, details: "We have opened warehouses for all the materials that we tend to ar planning to be using on an everyday basis so as to streamline our supply chain. once it’s required, it’s there, and it’s bought at a price that beats the market given its quality."

The only caveat comes once the order is so vast that it simply can not be bought regionally, "but otherwise we are searching for the longer term to verify certain established firms to work with us that," adds Jaafar, noting: "We are currently creating restricted annual agreements."

The contractor specifically hopes that with time it'll be ready to establish the reliable suppliers within the market, and to eliminate any non-effective parties using opportunistic techniques.

"We are more than happy with the procurement of putting the procurance department on the track, and to be moving away from short-run agreements. The procurance department isn't there simply to pass papers," nods Khayyat.

"We kind of need a bureaucratic reasonably dealing – it's imagined to be effective in controlling cost, and in making certain the supply of materials, the timeliness of supply and that the payment is there."

A final purpose is to ensure sure|to confirm} that the inner procedures of local projects don't make correct procurement a secondary matter so as to accommodate the pace, therefore KCT is focusing its efforts on streamlining its processes to confine costs whereas accommodating all of its sites.

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