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08/08/2014 15:13
Some Thoughts on the Claw Foot Tub
For a long time the claw foot tub was relegated to service as a watering trough for cattle and horses in fields across the U.S. It was around the middle of the 1900s that the “solid encased” look in tubs was introduced and people everywhere were quick to remove their “old” claw foot tubs, so they could be replaced with the newer modern looking tubs and bathroom fixtures.
It turned out that these old iron tubs made excellent watering troughs for live stock, so that is where a lot of them ended up. Times have changed dramatically since then and people are now rediscovering the claw foot tub. It seems that as far as the antique look goes in a bathroom there is nothing that brings it through authenticity better than an antique bathtub.
If you stop to think about it for a minute, the best antiques in the home are the ones that are actually used, such as a piece of fine antique furniture. This is because, it is so easy to wander back in time a bit when you are actually sitting in and using something that is antique such as a claw foot tub.
One thing that many people don't realize about a claw foot tub's Home improvement tips is that it is quite possibly the most comfortable tub to bathe in. They are longer than a standard tub and the back end slopes to make it easy to lay back in. It must be pointed out this style of bathtub was introduced as indoor plumbing was first being introduced into homes.
Back then a bath was considered to be a time not just to wash but also a time to relax. So it seems that the claw foot tub was just one of the many things that fell victim to the new era in the second half of the 1900s when people began to live at a faster pace and things such as TV dinners made their debut.
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