Healing Emotional Pain with Vivation Breathwork, how to live a happier life

21/05/2012 13:07
Pragmatic, down-to-earth people often wonder if doing any kind of self-improvement technique, specifically breathwork or Vivation, is something airy fairy or loosey-goosey. Well, I think not.
Vivation is a very down-to-earth, practical method to achieve emotional resolution. It is a healing technique that uses special breathing rhythms, relaxation, awareness of feelings in the body, and willingness, to transform negative emotions to an experience of happiness, bliss and well being. You might think that it is weird to try to change the way you feel. To a lot of people, when you’re down, it seems “normal” to use drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling or sex to feel “better”. But these ways of making yourself feel better are merely ways of suppressing emotional pain and coping…these coping mechanisms do not heal the underlying pain, they just mask it.
Vivation is no weirder than having your behavior governed by painful, deep, unresolved issues that cause you to act in ways that are not in your best interest. No weirder than working for years at a job you hate, or staying in a relationship you’ve outgrown. No weirder than overeating or keeping extra weight on because you’re afraid of intimacy. These behaviors are weird, but so socially accepted that they’ve become normal.
So NO, Vivation is not weird…au contraire, I say not learning Vivation is weird. Vivation can help you to be free from fear and self-judgment and live the life that you want. You discover that just being who you are right now is good enough and this starts a positive, upward spiral of self-acceptance, feeling good about yourself, tackling the daunting challenges, being willing to take a few knockdowns, winning at some, feeling stronger, loving yourself more, bouncing back quicker from setbacks, etc, etc.
Actually, Vivation is the opposite of weird— it’s the skill of happiness—learning how to take the lemons that life hands you and making lemonade.

So if you are interested in learning Vivation, there are several upcoming opportunities to do that, either via a short class or a day-long workshop. Go to https://www.meetup.com/Vivation-Breathwork to check on upcoming events, write pb@vivationusa.com or learn more at https://www.vivationusa.com. Or call 800-931-7007 to schedule your free consultation.