Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Ice

22/04/2015 10:22
We've been asked many questions about Dry Ice Packs, such as how long they last, how they work, what it can be used for, and many more. Let's go through some of them and we hope we answer such questions.
The first is how long they last. Out of any other packs we've tried, dry ice or not, these lasted longer than any of them. We also ship frozen food, so we use these to keep such products frozen for three days, and to do that, we use two to two-and-a-half Dry Ice Pack sheets in a one-and-a-half inch cooler. One sheet for every two gallons of cooler space is a rule of thumb to keep in mind.
As for how they work, it's very simple: immerse them in water for 20-45 minutes (you only need to do this once), place in the freezer for 24 hours, and you're ready to use them!
One of our customers asked what they can and have been used for. It can be used for any sort of temporary cooling, whether it's for delivery, business, or recreational purposes.
The fourth is what else there is to know about Techni-ICE(TM). The first is that they don't ever leak, which is important since there's no cleanup needed. The other is that they're flexible even when frozen, so they can be cut if needed. They're also lightweight and compact. They also don't emit carbon dioxide, so they're easier and safer to use.
What about it's coldest temperature? For us, they've reached -109 degrees Fahrenheit before, and it performs just as well as dry ice in terms of its cold retention.
We hope these answers help. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with Dry cold packs if you choose to purchase and use them.
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