Experience Finding History Through Metal Detecting

14/01/2015 12:00
What would it be like to find amazing artefacts or coins from hundreds if not thousands of years ago?

Well for the last thirty to forty years many people, mainly men have been scouring the earth for lost treasures. Their weapon of choice is a metal detector, a device which can see metallic objects under the soil which would otherwise be hidden away from anyone to see.

In the last forty years museums have been thankful to metal detectorists’s who hand in their finds for everyone to see and share these hidden treasures from our past.  It’s amazing what you can find even in your own backyard with a metal detector, coins jewellery all lost in recent years just waiting to be found.  Parks and recreational play areas are always full of hidden treasures lost by parents and children over the years. 

If you are wanting to find much older items, then depending which country you live in will decide what items you could find. England and mainland Europe has seen some of the world’s greatest  finds by using a metal detector. Hoards of Saxon Celtic and Roman coins have been discovered in the last 10 years which have opened up more questions than answers with regards to our ancestors who lived on our land hundreds if not thousands of years before us.

Gold items from the Saxons have been found in England in recent years and have been declared some of the greatest treasures to be found worth millions of pounds.

Metal detecting is a hobby which most people who are able bodied can enjoy, there are groups who go out in clubs to detect on land which has seen previous important activity in the past, this more often than not produce’s some great finds such as medieval hammered coins even roman coins are found.

Getting started with this great hobby need not be an expensive cost either, a basic yet able metal detector can be purchased from as little as £180 though there are cheaper models available these don’t tend to have the power to find anything other than trash lost in the last few years just under the surface of the ground.

If metal detecting is something which interests you, then before you go out and buy one of the devices you can see them all in action, metal detecting videos website has hundreds and hundreds of videos showing every aspect of metal detecting you could think of from buying the right machine to asking for land permission for you to detect on, even hundreds of videos showing what amazing finds people have discovered filmed live while metal detecting.