Dry Ice Packs

19/02/2015 11:24

Using Dry Ice Packs for Cold Therapy Dry ice packs are useful for many reasons, especially to help your muscles heal after a long workout. There are millions of people around the world who use dry ice as a method for cold therapy as it soothes the muscles and joints and prepares the body for more movement. After you've worked out your body needs time to repair itself, most importantly to repair your muscles. Without this step, your body would be sore and your muscles would never get their strength back. Your body uses blood vessels to help bring oxygen to your tissue and to remove any harmful waste that could cause muscle inflammation (such as lactic acid). With the help of dry ice packs, you will be increasing the flow of blood in your body, making it easier to get rid of harmful elements. Ice is also useful for reducing swelling, which is incredibly important after you've worked out for a long period of time. After pushing your body to its limit, your muscles will ache and inevitably swell. By simply applying ice packs to the affected areas, your muscles will return to their normal size and begin the healing process. Using dry ice as a form of cold therapy is very easy, especially for people who have never considered it before. You can purchase dry ice packs from your local drug store or pharmacy and place them on the areas of your body that are sore. You can also consider buying sleeves to place the packs in so you can still be mobile while the cooling sensation helps to reduce swelling in your muscles. Once you have promoted the healthy healing of your muscles and have removed the ice packs, make sure to massage your muscles to generate a higher level of blood flow. For more information: Lee Harper Dry Ice Packs 3000 Galvez Ave. Fort Worth, TX 76111 (888) 825-4121 Email: DryIcePackSales@gmail.com Website: https://www.dryicepacks.com/