Car insurance claims?- why it is often best to use a claims company, instead of your insurer

06/08/2013 11:18
Summary :
When you need to make a car insurance claims, you should pick an Accident Management company in the UK. If you have a car accident in which you were not at fault, there are a number of points you should consider, when making a car insurance claims. Accident Management Companies are experts in this field & whether you choose to use one or not, this article gives you a guide to making successful a car insurance claims, with the minimum of fuss and no expense.

Most people think of calling their insurers, if they have an accident, which was not their fault. They do not realize that their insurers may charge them policy excess, when making a car insurance claims. Also, if you are only insured for Third Party cover, your insurer will not help with your car insurance claims. Your insurers will also expect you to run around, getting repair quotes, & may not lend you a courtesy car. It makes sense, therefore, to pick a car insurance claims company, to look after your car claim.

After a car accident, the first point, when picking a car insurance claims company to handle your non fault claim, is to consider whether you are being charged for the service and whether you will receive 100% compensation, with no deductions for costs etc. A lot of car insurance claims companies advertise 'no win no fee' but this does not mean you get their service for free. You need to select a company such an Accident Management one; they never charge the customer and do not keep any of your compensation. Some other car insurance claims companies make you buy an insurance policy; this is no different than paying fees!

Accident Management Companies clearly state you never pay any fees and you keep a 100% of the compensation awarded you. They also only handle car insurance claimss, so are experts in that field.

If you have a car insurance claims, then simply getting injury compensation is only one area of help you need. If your vehicle is damaged, you need it repairing and some other means of transport providing while this is happening. You need an accident management company. They will arrange to get your damaged vehicle picked up (if necessary), taken for repairs, and give you a similar or better replacement to use while this is happening. If your vehicle is still drivable, they will arrange for a replacement when yours goes in for repairs.

Because Accident Management Companies deal directly with the other party's insurers, you will not be charged any insurance excess- something most insurers do, whether it is your fault or not! It maybe that you prefer a cash in lieu settlement, to getting your vehicle repaired. All repairs are quoted with new parts, so it's often possible to fix it yourself and pocket the balance. This is not an option your insurers will offer- Accident Management Companies can do this for you.

Compensation awards for car insurance claims injuries can often be a confusing area. It is simply wrong for companies to advertise that they can get you so much for a particular injury or that they can get more than someone else. The car insurance claims compensation award is determined by a number of factors (previous health conditions, occupation, your own body's ability to recover etc). If someone is prepared to mislead you on this area, then it's a good idea to avoid using them- what else will they mislead about?

To conclude, only use a car insurance claims company which charges no fees and give you a 100% compensation. Do not be misled by inflated compensation claims values. Stick to an accident management company, who are experts in this area.

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Mr Collins is an expert on car insurance claimss, with extensive experience in the UK market.