BIOTH Film and TV Internship Program Application Kit

19/04/2013 19:11

BIOTH Film and TV Internship Program Application Kit

1) Why Intern with BIOTH?

An internship is both an experience in itself and practice for the job search. It offers many valuable experiences:

1.    Test career options to help clarify and refine career objectives and goals. Apply skills you learn in a professional setting
2.    Begin to develop competencies (skills and knowledge) specific to a career or environment

3.    Develop skills necessary for any work environment, including communication, writing, interpersonal connections, teamwork, time management, and goal setting
4.    Explore skills and interests you didn't know you had

5.    Build skills necessary for a job search, including search strategies, resume writing and interviewing
6.    Start to build a network of professional contacts

Many youth interested in film and media positions often face an uncertain job market with few leads and no clear career path. An internship with BIOTH, LLC can help you make valuable contacts and distinguish among different job opportunities that can lead to thoughtful career decision making. Along the way, you'll pick up the skills necessary for any job search.

2) Where to Start?

BIOTH is asking interested individuals 18 years old and up to submit a minimum 1,000 word essay on “What does the word hustle mean to you?” From those selected, an 8 week summer internship and mentoring position is being made available.
Fill out and submit the attached application and paperwork.

3) What Internship Positions Do You Qualify For?
Ask yourself: what position do you want to apply to? Or rather: what is your career goal? During orientation these will be discussed and placement based on interest and aptitude will be made.

Script development: reading scripts or treatments and writing coverage (summaryand evaluation). With this role you can develop your sense of storytelling. All positions may also entail doing some office work (answering calls phone, emailing, scheduling).

Post-production: support the editors or post-production coordinators.

Marketing: doing research, studying the marketplace, interest in PR or advertising. Office work isoften associated with this position.

Casting: working with the talent and casting departments in various roles.

Other positions will be determined during the BIOTH orientation for interns.

Intern Agreement

The purpose of this Agreement is to help you identify your learning goals for this internship. After you and theinternship mentor have signed this form indicating agreement to this content, please return the original copyduring orientation.